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HELP: rooting nooktablet 8g 1.4.2 PLEASE

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  1. Hendoe

    Hendoe Well-Known Member

    ok so i have been on to xda and looked at the posting on rooting the nt 8g 1.4.2. so i follow the guide but get hung up on trhe frist step. it says i need to download win32imager and it will burn the boot img onto the sd card but when i try to do so it dosent work. for some reason the my comp dosent want to read the reader... but if i go througt my drives i can pick it up... please help i also useing an 8 g card

  2. Hendoe

    Hendoe Well-Known Member

    i dont get it 177 views and noone can help? thats kinda sad.....
  3. thunder18

    thunder18 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this helps or not, but did you right click on winImager and run it as administrator? I just rooted a Nook Color on Friday night so that much is fresh in my head, but I had no problems getting WinImager to recognize my microSD card.
    On other thing you might try is to put that microSD card in the Nook and use the Nook's format ability to format it. Then see if your computer can see it successfully.
  4. Hendoe

    Hendoe Well-Known Member

    yes i ran it under admin and it wont do its thing. i even went into dos prompt and re formatted the sd card like that. i keek getting errors. i have used a 8g and a 2 g card and i still receive the errors. on is error 117 and the other is 8
  5. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    What OS is your computer using? If linux/osX i cannot help you. If windows use this Free Partition Magic alternative & free Partition Manager Software for Windows PC, Workstation and Server - EaseUS. tool to help you with the project. First get your SD card formatted FAT32 and visible in windows. Run the manager as admin and apply the image. At this point the SD card will drop from available drives (this is normal). Then remove the SD from the reader and follow rooting intructions. Should work fine. Afterwards use the partition tool to restore your sd card to normal for use.
  6. Hendoe

    Hendoe Well-Known Member

    i am indeed using windows 7 ultimate, will this tool also work with wiping the copyright off the card. i am trying to use the sd card we bought for the nook that once we put it in it reformatted the card and put a block on the card. i am dying to root this thing.

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