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  1. LeahNass

    LeahNass New Member

    Hello! So after 4 different tech support calls and 3 hours of my life gone, I was finally told by someone at Samsung, who was as surprised as I am, that S-Planner Task was made to be stored on the phone's memory with no cloud sync capabilities.

    Why Samsung made the stupid move of creating their own calendar and task app on the Android OS when Google has perfectly good calendar and tasks apps that run on HTC phones is beyond me.

    I asked the Samsung tech if there was an S-Planner API so that third party Android App Developers could find a way to sync S-Planner to some other cloud based task system. I was told to go try to find a developer forum online. WTF.

    Anyway, here's my problem and let me know if there's a solution:

    The onboard voice control app allows me to create Events and Tasks. Those Events and Tasks end up on the S-Planner Calendar and Task app and widget. The S-Planner Events sync up seamlessly to Google Calendar but, obviously for reasons explained above, S-Planner Tasks does not sync to Google Tasks, Toodledo or RTM (or any online task management website for that matter.)

    So I'm looking for one of the following:

    1. A good app that will sync S-Planner to Google Tasks, Toodledo, RTM or any online task management website.) Toodledo preferably but beggars can't be choosers.

    2. A way to completely circumvent the S-Planner and use voice control to input voice dictated tasks into Google Calendar and Google Task apps instead of S-Planner.

    2.1 .And if there's a way, then a way to replace the Calendar icon in the static menu bar at the bottom of the touch screen on every page with a Google Calendar icon.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-I717.)

    Thanks in advance for whatever ingenious answers you might have for me and others in this Samsung disappointment haze.

  2. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    You would think after all this time that SOMEONE would have made a phone that can sync tasks with Google Calendar Tasts. I mean, c'mon. How hard can this be? As it is, I am forced to get a third party app to do this. I use gTasks. It syncs up with Google Calendar Tasks, just not S Planner.
  3. inthibad

    inthibad New Member

    what LeahNass said was correct i am facing the same problem on my galaxy note, gtask app is good but it does not show the task on s-planner so you will need to open 2 apps - s-planner and gtask to plan ur day which is not Continent and confusing. Wonder if there would be an update from samsung to fix this
  4. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

  5. jchangstroman

    jchangstroman New Member

    I have the same problems... SAMSUNG PLEASE ALLOW S-PLANNER TO SYNC WITH GOOGLE TASKS!!!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM!!! I NEED IT ALL TO SYNC!!! NOT JUST SOME FEATURES! & more color options would be nice! The task widget is ugly
  6. jierda

    jierda New Member

    I recently switched from an iphone 3gs to a Galaxy Note. I was confused for a few weeks about the warning that Kies couldn't sync with Google Calendar, until I realized that with over the air sync it didn't matter. Simply being able to see the default calendar in landscape mode had me stoked!
    Then I realized that the tasks that I added in the phone app were stuck there.

    Major buzzkill. But I'm already used to having my iphone reminders stuck on the phone, so I guess the lack of task sync isn't quite so disappointing. But I'm still looking for something that'll let my sync my calendars and tasks.
  7. Kedjan

    Kedjan New Member

    Guys! Use Jorte instead. I have given up on S planner. Jorte is free and has lots of widgets. A little tricky but it synks with google tasks./ Kedjan
  8. pkayee

    pkayee New Member

    click the Application icon in the static menu
    click menu
    click view type, select customizable grid
    hold down s calender and slide to remove ( will be right underneath your finger so hard to see)
    then hold down the app you want to replace it and slide to its place.
    click menu again, select view type and put it back the way you prefer

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