HELP!! samsung galaxy ace Phone wont charge or turn on!!

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  1. tan11

    tan11 Active Member

    i tried to use rom manager to create a memeory card partition , phone is already rooted, and i think my battery might have died or something because when the swap size menu came up it just went. i tried charging but nothing happened, if it is bricked what do i do?? Please?:(

  2. diemthicone2k9

    diemthicone2k9 New Member

    i also bricked my sga once using rom manager by selecting a wrong ROM for backup.. incase your unit is bricked (you cant turn it on even on download mode), you use riff jtag box to revive it. once in download mode, flash with the latest rom from News - also you cant charge your phone's battery when your unit is bricked. charge your batt using a universal charger.
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  3. tan11

    tan11 Active Member

    what is a riff jtag?
  4. innernettv

    innernettv New Member

    HELP ME!!! I tried to reboot Samsung galaxy ace with rom menager and now it wont charge, turn on, it wont turn on into download mode, what should i do?

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