Help! Samsung galaxy s2 screen flashing off and onSupport

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  1. rach1984

    rach1984 New Member

    I recenlty had to make a claim on my insurance so got a replacement handset which is obviously a refurb. Not sure if that is relevent to the problem im having though?

    I fully charged my phone while it was switched off as i always do at night and when turning it on this morning i just keep getting 'unexpected error' notification with please help us.... If i click on it my screen flashes off and on with a no apps showing at all just the background and if i clear it it does the same?????

    If i lock the ohone it stops but i cant access anything??? Help!

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted?

    If so, you could try wiping cache+dalvik and fixing permissions in CWM recovery.
    (I'm unsure if these options are available in the standard Nandroid recovery)

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