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  1. mrbeers

    mrbeers Member

    I am a total noob at rooting phones and I accidentally soft-bricked my Samsung Repp SCH-R680 in CWM by trying to erase all user data.

    I thought I had a backup, but apparently it installed the backup to the phone and not the sd card, so when I wiped user data, I wiped my backup and all R680 system files.

    I was wondering if someone could send me a backup of their R680 from CWM so I can get my phone functioning again. My family is without a phone until I fix this.

  2. I made a similar mistake. I don't know if you are still looking or not but I used SamsungCrasher's SCRom.04 and it works great. The Windows .bat installer puts it on a cleared phone in a matter of minutes and had me back up and running.

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