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Help! Sanei Sanei N10 stuck at boot screen after 4.0.4 OEM upgrade

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  1. Pawel84

    Pawel84 New Member


    I bought 2 Sanei n10.
    They were so laggy so i tried to upgrade one of them to android 4.0.4 using LiveSuit. After a sucessfull upgrade the tablet shows the boot logo but then turns into a white screen.... And nothing happens.

    Been googling around for days now and someone wrote to re-flash the tablet a couple of times cause it can be stubborn.
    So i tried to downgrade it to 4.0.3... Same stuff. So i upgraded it and downgraded it 20 times now and still the same.

    Is the tablet bricked or is there any hope?
    Maybe i should try root it or is that impossible now?
    Or is the russian way the only solution (sledgehammer)?

    Any suggestion or thought would be appriciated!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hello and ni hao Pawel84 welcome to Android Forums.

    As your device is rather bricked at the moment, you do need to get hold of the correct ROM for it.
    Unfortunately the manufacturer, or more likely trading company, SHENZHEN TONJOY IMPEX CO. LTD, doesn't seem to have any ROMs available at all.

    You could try this ROM.
    Which is apparently been developed for some Chinese tablets like this. No guarantees its going work though. You might end up having to sledgehammer the thing. :rolleyes:

    Hmmm Sanei tablet...sounds rather biblical....Didn't Moses come down from Mount Sanei with a couple of tablets? Although presumably that Sanei wasn't in Guangdong Province, China.


    I bought a Sanei N10 few months ago and was working fine till one day i wanted to turn it on and it wouldn't as it goes in a hold up mode or just don't want to turn on. i tired everything but can't turn it on and open it to access it.
    any ideas or suggestions?
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    See my previous post about this. Wish could be more helpful, but such is the nature these things.
  5. Ondraaa

    Ondraaa New Member

    If you created backup just fprmat system and restore backup:)

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