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Help! Save my beloved MTG4!Support

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  1. roypeled

    roypeled Member

    My MTG4 got water damage a few weeks ago. That day and the day after, it seemed to be working just fine. But then it got stuck in the hboot screen and nothing seemed to work. Including not the volume keys, so I couldn't get out of this screen. Taking the battery out and putting it back just brought up the same screen. Then after a few days, suddenly the keys responded, I could reboot, and it seemed to work perfectly. I navigated, read mail, talked over it, no problem whatsoever. And then one day later, the screen faded into black, like when it goes to sleep. When I pressed the power to turn the screen on, it would go on or a few minutes, and sleep again. Every time the same thing, just for a shorter period. Not ill it came to the point that it just goes on for a second, hardly enough to unlock, and then sleep again. When the screen is asleep, the phone is still on, you can feel it vibrating when you touch the screen and it rings and you can talk. But, black screen all this time, except for one second after I use the power button.

    Any ideas???



  2. roypeled

    roypeled Member

    I should add that sometimes it still goes to the hboot, and at first the keys won't respond, then after a while (I think only when it's plugged in) keys will start responding and I can reboot it, to get it running, but with the screen problem.

    Thank again,


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