HELP! Screen won't turn on

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  1. ryan9613

    ryan9613 Well-Known Member

    I am running Mobsters Remix, latest version, and i unlocked my phone, and it was dim as i was in class, so i hit my brightness toggle to full brightness, and the screen just shut off. I took the battery out, put it back in, and the screen still wouldn't turn on. tried to boot into recover with power button and volume down, nothing. does anybody know whats wrong?

  2. heythereitsv

    heythereitsv Well-Known Member

    Try charging it and then turning it on. It might be dead. These phones have the tendency to lie about battery percentage for some reason. Once, I charged my phone up to a 100%, used till 80%, rebooted, and suddenly it dropped to 40%
  3. ryan9613

    ryan9613 Well-Known Member

    yeah i know the battery percentage is messed up with this phone. but yeah, the phone is completely dead. it went from the screen not working, to it not charging correctly, to it being completely dead, it wont even charge..
  4. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Well-Known Member

    Let it charge overnight, maybe your battery crapped out.
  5. ryan9613

    ryan9613 Well-Known Member

    Did that. Oh well, I'm getting the lg f3 next week. I guess it was its time I guess! Later evo v owners
  6. dagarbageman

    dagarbageman New Member

    This happened to my phone as well a few weeks after rooting and flashing the Unsensable rom (not sure if the root has anything to do with it). Also happened to me in class lol but the I left it charging over night and the next morning it turned on, so not sure what to tell you other than keep messing with it

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