Help!SD card unavailable!My Internal SD card in my Galaxy S is causing problems. Under 'SD card andGeneral

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  1. xena111

    xena111 New Member

    My Internal SD card in my Galaxy S is causing problems.
    Under 'SD card and phone storage', total space and available space are both 'unavailable'.
    The Unmount, Mount and Format options are all greyed out.

    When i open "my files",it says "Your phone does not have a SD card inserted"
    But i already insert my sd card,and cant take photo at all
    What can i do? should i factory reset ?

    Help please!

  2. Todger83

    Todger83 New Member

    Im having the exact same problem!!

    Can someone please give some advice??
  3. khondoker

    khondoker New Member


    I've the similar problem with internal SDcard. However, I do have the option for unmounting and mounting it back once I unmount it, and mine does show the 13GB internal storage and whatever and is in use. However, regardless of formatting the phone and several tries of unmounting and mounting back, I still can't use some apps such as the camera where it says the internal sd card is not mounted while in the setting, it's showing it's mounted.

    Any help would be appreciated....ASAP!
  4. murshed13

    murshed13 New Member

    Sorry hear about the internal SD card.

    This usually happens for two reasons...1. it hs been affected by a virus and 2. your internal SD is permanently blocked may be because it was initially a network locked phone and got detected by that network over internet use and got locked.

    In case of virus, it won't even let you paste an antivirus or any other file to clean the virus. The only way to fix this is by replacing the internal SD card.

    Unfortunately the internal SD card is pasted on the motherboard. So there is no way to fix replace the internal SD card unless by very expert hands who can unsolder the SD card and solder back a fresh one. The only safe way to get out of this is by replacing the motherboard along with the SD card, which again unfortunately cost almost as much as the phone itself.
  5. RowRowTheGreat

    RowRowTheGreat New Member

    Now see here, you shouldn't say stuff like that because it is inaccurate. What has happened to the phone is that the internal SD card has become corrupted. There is a JTAG fix for this, but currently I am researching a way to do it wihout a JTAG device. Virus, don't make me laugh. More like operator failure. Please fact check your stuff before you confuse someone who doesn't know the difference between corruption and malicious software. If anybody has information on how to fix this via adb or an alternative method please post. Also flashing via odin is pointless as the phone will not detect the internal SD. I have as a temporary fix installed the OS on the external SD, but need a more permanent solution.

    Best regards.
  6. RowRowTheGreat

    RowRowTheGreat New Member

    A network locked phone has no function in it to lock the internal SD. It is clear to me where you got your facts, and chances are it isn't sunny. If you catch my drift. And yes, I did register as a member at this site just to troll you. Pwned.
  7. loveyabhe

    loveyabhe New Member

    Can anybody teach me pls..the main storage and external sd card on my phone is almost can i move some of my files and applications to the internal sd of my ohone?
  8. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Makes lot of sense - I am also having such a phone which does not recognize the internal or external storage. I believe it was lagfixed and somebody tried to install a ROM or opted for an upgrade via Kies.

    I am researching if I find something, will post here.

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