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Help setting up My Touch ( unlocked ) 3G Fender Edition

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  1. TheMiz51

    TheMiz51 New Member

    I have a question I am a Razr Maxx user who is going overseas in a few days
    I got a sim card from Mobal and was going to use it on an old Vzw D2 but remember I had a new still in the box My Touch Fender Edition I won so I bought a code to unlock it and now I can't get past the Google Log In Screen because I can't get on a network, I don't know of any way of getting it on WiFi as long as that stops me.

    Anyone have any clue what I can do or a work around.

    Thanks In Advance


  2. TheMiz51

    TheMiz51 New Member

    Does it matter at all if the My Touch was never activated ? is this why I can't get a network to log on to Google ?
  3. TheMiz51

    TheMiz51 New Member

    Surprised no one was able to help, the sim card company sent me the settings to be added to the APN now I have a network , now my problem is getting it on a WiFi network anyone willing offer help on this.

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