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  1. hikki

    hikki Member

    Here's a screenshot attached. It also says "Zone" underneath this icon (you have to pull down the top taskbar that it sits on)

    I checked Scifitrekkie's proposed solution but it's way too technical, I would need to have the phone rooted (which in itself is problematic for me - I tried installing Android Toolkit but it needs Java for that - I installed Java but then Android SDK won't see that it's already installed and so it doesn't want to install itself) and then install a bunch 3rd party software and a file com.modaco.visionaryplus.r14 that's being detected as infected by Jotti's Malware Scan and VirusTotal (which in their turn use all the popular virus scanners, so it's actually redundant to use them both but anyway)

    There must be another, simpler solution to remove this annoying annoying icon?

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  2. hikki

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    So after doing a factory reset and everything I could think of trying, I got my cell carrier (Videotron) to replace my cellphone, brand new, unopen box, new SIM card, new SD card and all... Well guess what... the icon is still there... on the brand new phone (Motorola XT720; Android 2.1)
    So what could this be and how do we fix this?

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