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  1. KenLavallee

    KenLavallee New Member

    Well, it all started a few months ago. And ended.

    I decided to plug my Android phone into the windows side of my hackintosh, where I installed drivers and LG tool that asked me to pick my phone and update the rom on it. I mistakenly chosen MS670 or something, not realizing that mine was indeed an MS690. Anyways, afterwards my phone was stuck in a boot cycle. A black LG logo, a little Android beside an arrow shooting out of a marketplace shopping bag, the MetroPCS flash screen, and back again.

    Fast forward to this morning, I decided to unbrick it myself, than send it in. I followed this guide and the guide within it for setting up drivers:

    After several attempts, the progress stops at 45% to tell me to replace flash memory or something. Each and every time.

    I have also uninstalled completely, then used CCleaner to clean up and fix registry and restarted from the beginning and each and every single time it stops at 45%.

    I know there can't be something internally wrong with it, I babied the phone! it lived in my desk for months!

    PLEASE HELP!!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


    SARAJEVO Member

    try this

  3. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    I think you might be hard bricked but I'm not entirely sure yet. I think you have the wrong drivers installed and that's why it doesn't finish.
  4. KenLavallee

    KenLavallee New Member

    Could accidentally updating the firmware with the wrong phone hard brick the phone? Like I said, I mistakenly chosen MS670. I have uninstalled all LG drivers and softwares, even deleted the folders in AppData, ran CCleaner for cleaning, uninstalling other LG stuff, and Registry fixes. Then re-installed everything and still nothing.

    I did it again, and this time just installed the stuff from LG website (Drivers and Tool) and it recognized the phone but in the middle of updating it I got another error.

    I would think that a hard bricked phone wouldn't be able to boot into S/W mode, and when plugged in wouldn't show the battery animation. The hardware must be working.
  5. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

  6. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Well it is actually hard bricked, same that happened to my device. The bootloader partition is damaged due to the flashing of the wrong .bin file. As you stated the hardware still functions, but the software is not.

    Sorry for the sad news my friend, but there was no way I could get my device back to a working state.
  7. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    His is stopping at 45% instead of 2-3% and that's with LG Mobile Support tool.....that tool sometimes fails..
  8. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Well he could definitely try with Lgnpst, maybe that solves his problem. But mines always finish with lg tool, but stops at 51% on Lgnpst

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