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  1. connorb89

    connorb89 Active Member

    I recently bout the Asus Transformer tf700 model.
    I was curious if it had the capability of writeing out my name with my finger then in converting to text form?
    I was also curious if it had the capability of split screen, ike polaris office open on one side and firefox on the other.
    If not split screen is there least a faster way to get from polaris to the internet without going to the homepage eah time?
    Th e write to text for would be great though, or is there an app that can do that?
    I use the tablet for school and it would be great if somebody could help me out!

  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    Android has fast switching between apps on all versions I've used, but there are different ways of getting to it and they can differ between devices.

    I think on my last phone I had to hold the home button but on my current phone there's a dedicated button (looks like two squares, one slightly offset from the other).

    However you get to it, you get a list or a film strip or something (again, depends on the device and the version of Android) showing you what you've run recently and lets you switch direct to that app.

    Sorry can't help you re the apps - but I'm sure you could have fun searching on Play.
  3. connorb89

    connorb89 Active Member

    Hey thankyou i totally forgot about that.
    Do you know anything about writing with your finger then it converting to text form?

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