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  1. NexusStolen

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    Ok so here is the situation, 3 weeks ago i got a Note 2 to replace my beloved Gnexus (verizon) Im fairly certain some time last week my nexus was stolen (while deactivated) I have a screen lock (fairly simple pattern) and LookOut installed. I went on lookouts website and its last recorded location was at my home 20 days ago. But if the phone is not activated and GPS is turned off I assume outlook would not see it. Is there anything i can do? Outlook still recognizes the nexus as my phone as i have not installed it on my note yet. Will going premium to send a remote wipe signal out into space and time accomplish anything? does Anyone have any advice? I wanted to keep my nexus to do nexus things im not ready for it to go! And Im scared of the personal information on the phone being recovered.

  2. Crashdamage

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    Change passwords on accounts on the phone - email, Google, etc.

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    For starter you can side load Androidlost from your PC from the Play store, that can be loaded from a PC as long as your phone is turned on. once load you will be able to turn GPS remotely and just fond your phone that way. Here will post a video for you below to show you the features it has, good luck


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