Help streaming .mkv HD content to phone using samba / windows file sharing.

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  1. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    I currently have a windows 7 ultimate server that contains a mix of divx/xvid and now .mkv hd files. At present this is how I play the xvid/divx files:

    ES File Explorer (LAN) --> MoboPlayer (application).

    ES File explorer uses SMB to connect to the LAN. I just had to input the necessary windows server credentials and I was good to go to browse the share. Then I just open the files with moboplayer or Rockplayer Lite.

    This solution doesn't seem to work for the larger .mkv files however.

    If I copy the .mkv file to my phone (galaxy s II) it plays just fine. It just won't stream.

    I've tried various players and I think that is the issue. That or smb sharing is VERY SLOW using ES File explorer. Is there a solution here? I want to play the files natively and not reencode the stuff.

    Other info for troubleshooting:

    1) The phone has plenty of wifi speed: I connect at 65Mbit and i've tested it using speedtest at 20+Mbit

    2) The mkv files stream just fine to a laptop also running windows using VLC, so they do steam just fine.

  2. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    Still no help with this?
  3. LxMxFxD

    LxMxFxD Well-Known Member

    TTT hopefully for some help
  4. talynone

    talynone New Member

    Instead of Samba expose your videos via a DNLA server like Serviio, TVMobili, TVersity or PS3 Media Server.

    Then use a DNLA client like UPnPlay, Skifta or BubbplleUPnP.

    The client can then feed the video to your preferred video player like RockPlayer Lite. Personally I like MX Video Player (free version, ad supported) myself.

    Since you have a Galaxy S2 you can probably also use DicePlayer (trial version available) which is the only Android player capable of playing MKV files using hardware acceleration.


    On a side note I know you wish to avoid transcoding, but if you encounter a video you can't play or wish to stream your videos over a broadband/3G connection a great transcoding solution is Qloud.

    Qloud Media (free version also available, ad supported)
    • Lightweight/simple to use server
    • Supports multiple MKV audio tracks (choose before video playback)
    • Works with every video I've thrown at it
    • Remembers last folder browsed
    • Remembers last video location
    • Works with MKV embedded subtitles and SRT subtitles
    • Video quality is very good at higher bitrates. Bitrates are customizable.
    • Very stable over low bandwidth 3G, streamed an entire 1080p movie over a shitty Sprint connection that topped out at 350 k/b (player set for 250/kb streaming) with no problem.
    • Includes photo and mp3 streaming, both work great
    • Has a weird quirk that requires you to press the "play" button after using the seek bar on the video client.
    • Ability to setup multiple users/allowable shared folders
    • Only requires one TCP port forward for direct remote connection
    • Server component available only for Windows

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