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  1. tommyz77

    tommyz77 New Member

    I've Superpad III (maybe fake)
    4G - 512MB - xm200
    When i try to flash with iuw & WWE10B_Android_393477-v9full.ius
    the tablet was blocked on 'Upgrade U-boot...'
    after restarted nothing happen the buzz won't stop and screen is black.
    What happen?
    How can resolve?



  2. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    Have you try hold power on/off button for 10-15 seconds to cut the power off??
  3. tommyz77

    tommyz77 New Member

    I think it's flashing problem.
    The screen is completely off and buzzing.
    I've got problem when i flashing U-boot-nand.bin
    I can't connect with usb to pc now.
    Please help me.

  4. phil122

    phil122 New Member

    I have exactly the same problem as you with CEM111 ( Flytouch) having installed an update.:mad:
    For the moment I did not find solution, but on forum XDA, there are things int

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