HELP! Tethering Issue Both Wireless and WiredSupport

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  1. jonesindallas

    jonesindallas New Member

    I have a motorola citrus using 2.1 droid.

    I cannot get the phone to connect to the internet using modem mode, and whenever I try to use Wireless Tether is crashes the phone.

    The phone is rooted using good ol z4root.

    Please help because I have read and read and read and I am beaten down and frustrated here.

    This is my first time rooting and modding a phone
    Thanks to all that help

    I used Barnacle Tether and the wireless tether works, at least I think.

    The only issue now is that when I plug my phone into my computer via usb, and select Modem Mode from the USB options, I still cannot connect to the internet even though I get a valid IP and I can see the network connection.

    I just need to know how to get modem mode working now lol.


  2. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    Wireless tether for root users reboots the phone everytime so you only can use barnacle wifi tether.

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