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HELP! Text Messaging error force closeSupport

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  1. Rmg12gra

    Rmg12gra Active Member

    Hi can anyone help me?

    Suddenly about 2 days ago, every time i text a message, i get an error when the message goes through which says:

    The application Messaging
    (process com.android.mms)
    has stopped unexpectedly.
    Please try again.

    It asks me to force close. I read somewhere that it is due to having low space on the on-board memory so i deleted apps and texts, to no avail. :(

    Is there anything I can do?

    Oh another thing, this problem always seems to send a blank text that doesn't get sent to 1 person in my contacts after every error for some reason - if that helps hmm.

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Try this ... with the phone ON and at the home screen ... Pull the Battery and the SIM ... let the phone set fro a couple of minutes ... put SIM and battery back in an power up normally ... Try send a text msg ... with the phones default messaging program ... I assume you are not using a third party messaging app ?
  3. Rmg12gra

    Rmg12gra Active Member

    I tried and unfortunately it didn't work :(
  4. petay

    petay New Member

    im having the exact same problem with my G1!! im using the built in android messaging app. i read something online about a security hole in android that has been found where missformed messages are sent and something about it causing the sim to restart?!?! im just searching my history now!!
  5. petay

    petay New Member

  6. incognitiuz

    incognitiuz New Member

    Hi, I'm also facing this problem. I've tried taking out the battery, etc., and nothing seems to work.

    Any advice?

    I can't understand what to do with the oCERT Advisories page. Is there anything actionable there?

    Thanks in advance!
  7. kindergarden kid

    kindergarden kid New Member

    Same problem but alos with mine when I receive a picture message it will stay at the bottom. Or the text will go somewhere its not sapost to be (half way throught the text)
  8. incognitiuz

    incognitiuz New Member

    A little help, anyone?

    Many thanks in advance.
  9. hotani

    hotani Well-Known Member

    I had this problem: every time I tried to send a message, the "closed unexpectly" error would pop up.

    I looked at previous threads in the messaging app. One of them had about 20 blank, unsent messages. I deleted all of them, and no longer saw the error. Hope that helps!

    This is on a Samsung Moment running Android 1.5.
  10. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn New Member

    Thank you hotani for your advice. I did the same thing after reading your post - I checked my previous threads in the messaging app and found about 50 unsent messages to a person I hadn't texted in quite some time. I deleted them all and the 'Force close' messages went away. My messaging app was actually bad enough that I think I wasn't even receiving text messages. This is on a T-Mobile G1. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Duddles88

    Duddles88 New Member

    I have the same problem but everytime it force closes I restart my phone and as soon as I turn it back on it sends random old messages to people I have previously texted. How do I stop it?

    Also, how do you delete unsent messages? Or better yet, how do you know if you have unsent messages?
  12. techdude99

    techdude99 New Member

    I had the same problem on my Moto Droid 1 with OS 2.2.1 and fixed it by doing the following:

    • Open Google native Messenging app (the original Messenging App installed on the phone)
    • Select Menu button
    • Select Delete Threads
    Problem solved!

    P.S. This deletes all of your old messenging threads, but nothing in this Post worked and I was ready to do a Factory Reset, so I can deal with it :)
  13. supraz

    supraz New Member

    Same Problem on a Nexus S. Had to delete all the threads(messages) like techdude99. I looked through all my messages and had no unsent messages.
  14. pfarrelly

    pfarrelly New Member

    yep seems to be caused by rogue messages - received an sms from a source in china yesterday and from then on it crashed out... managed to find the backdoor to delete that message..and all fine again - Andriod really do need to fix this hole....
  15. shrii

    shrii New Member

    i get the exact same thing, iv had my phone for 2 weeks and its doing it, ill be in the middle of a message and it will close comming up with that and this time it deleted ALL of my messages including unread ones
    please help!! i need the messages back asap:(
  16. metropcsguy

    metropcsguy New Member

    Had a customer come in with a similar issue getting the error code process com.android.mms error everytime we'd try to send take a picture and send it via mms. Eventually wound up just doing a factory reset after trying to go through the settings and it started working again. Perhaps a little extreme but the customer was able to send pics again so she was happy. Not sure if this will help but it did wind up working again.
  17. armanke13

    armanke13 Member

  18. armanke13

    armanke13 Member

    what's the sms content, pfarrelly?
  19. armanke13

    armanke13 Member

    what's the sms content, pfarrelly?
  20. vaji

    vaji New Member

    seems my problem is completely different !
    i dont know exactly after installing which application it happend
    but all i know is after appearing this error for messaging,it appears for any application u run,gmail,gtalk,task manager,contact...
    i mean,it does not appear only for messaging,when it starts,it applies on any thing
    plzzz tell me what should i do
    but do not tell me to do a factory reset
    im really tired of doing this job!!!
    by the way
    the model is Galaxy s2
  21. bffl778

    bffl778 New Member

    i've deleted all my threads, and i've also done a factory reset, but it still does the error on me... p.s mines an andriod optimis chat and it's only a week old

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