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  1. Mimmomagic

    Mimmomagic New Member

    Hi there,
    I just ordered a HTC Magic its going on the Rogers network in Canada.
    The questions I have
    1) Do these phones come with any apps standard or do I have to get my own?
    2) Where do I get apps? whats the best site(s) to look on?
    3) what apps should i stay away from?

    Any help advice or guidence will be very apriciated.:confused:

  2. illusive817

    illusive817 Member

    1) they come with a preset amount of apps , each carrier is uaually different

    2)mostly use can use the Market wich is an app on ur phone 99% of them are free or you can use SlideME | Android Community and Application Marketplace or get the app off the market and use it

    3) Can really think of any , but i dont use one for my banking and such like that , dont trust security in someone else apps just IMHO
  3. Mimmomagic

    Mimmomagic New Member

    Thanks for the advice and I agree with you on the Banking

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