Help this girl out!! Hard reset supersonic tablet

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  1. KissyMissY

    KissyMissY New Member

    Hi all!

    Im not techie but I know a little bit. But not on this subject!!! I was given a supersonic tablet that is locked on the google screen for login, it wont take anything I type, too many pattern attempts.
    I need to hard reset this but I need help! Any prince or princess charmings that can help? I would be so greatful!!

    the tablet is a supersonic sc7-4mid.

    Please help with any advice!!!! I know this tablet is junk but its the only junk I have and Im stressing!!!!

    love and light! Missy

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    If it has the option, you should be able to enter your Google account details on the too many failed attempts screen. If that's not present, try holding down, power and volume up or down(not sure which) for about 10 seconds. That should bring up the factory reset menu. By doing a factory reset, that will erase everything.

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