help to root my zenithink 180 v2

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  1. zeniraph

    zeniraph Member

    i would need and appreciate some help to root my zenithink 180 v2, 1GHz, 4GO :eek:
    i saw some tutos but:
    1) could not succed opening android commander (even after downloading SDK), meaning could not indicate the path, strangely.
    2) could not open/copy universal androot to my SD card...

    that is where i am locked.:(

  2. zeniraph

    zeniraph Member

    No one to help me root my zenithink...?
    I would appreciate anyway to be able to.
    Probably, the ways i described were not convenient, Please answer me, as i would like to improve my tablet.
    Any ROOT method, working with me.
  3. zeniraph

    zeniraph Member

    Finaly, i could install Universal Androot.
    But i still don't see concret happening of using it.

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