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  1. manish9009

    manish9009 Well-Known Member

    dont know whether its a hardware issue or a software one but my a70 touch screen is not functioning properly . It act on its own
    He any one knows how to caliberate it or any nugges solution plz reply

  2. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Are you on charging? because A70 has touch issues while charging!
  3. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Will happen during charging.
    Pretty normal for A70.
  4. Same here bro..same problem with me..
    touchscreen, soft keys... everything acts on its own...
    and I m afraid to give it to service center..they wont return me soon..
  5. Lohit shetty

    Lohit shetty Well-Known Member

    please clear the problem when you get this problem while charging or without charging. if without charging the problem in your device hardware capacitive touch screen or might be a software not a rom its hidden part which we never ever touch the whole hidden part pre programed IC (integrated circuit) might be little corrupted or buggy, i never suggest to give to a service center they might change mother board to another problem board,so you must show to experienced mobile repairer technician in your town..;)

    NOTE edited: suggestion means is not that not to give to service center at all there also experienced technician. suggesting you to show them where really experts are working.
  6. manish9009

    manish9009 Well-Known Member

    No i m not facing this issue while charging , i know if u charge a70 with a unbranded charger it will give u touch screen errors

    but mine a70 is gvin me problems all the time
  7. Lohit shetty

    Lohit shetty Well-Known Member

    I have already mentioned. still not ready to give to service center.I think you must have to try it in your own risk.never use this code if your not confidently trust. its a engineer service mode.
    go to dialer press *#*#8888#*#*

    (ForDebug/AutoTest/TouchPanel) note only for testing.

    please read last 2 posts of mastermind before you do anything changes.
    thanks to mastermind for this useful code.. :)
  8. Heyy....I gave it to service center yesterday...they said..the touch pad needs to be replaced and it will take minimum 20-25 days...
    God knows when I m gonna get my cell back..!!!
  9. Khalid Mehraj

    Khalid Mehraj New Member

    Touch screen of my mobile Micromax A70 is not working does anyone know from where to replace it

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