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Help transfering pictures from phone to mac- tried everything!Support

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  1. incrediblekity

    incrediblekity New Member

    I have read a number of threads on here with many helpful suggestions but none have worked for me.

    First, I have been having problems with my pictures disappearing and reappearing. I have around 1000 pictures, and sometimes they erase and I will only have 30 pictures for a couple weeks. Then, out of nowhere, they will all re appear. Now that they have reappeared, I want to download them all to my computer so I won't lose them again.

    My default connection type is set to disk drive, and it is supposed to ask me whenever I connect to a PC but nothing pops up on my phone. Nothing shows up in the notification bar either, and my mac does not show any drive is plugged in. The phone is just charging while plugged in to the computer.

    Also, I checked the USB debugging option as someone had previously suggested.

    Anyway, I have tried every suggestion I have read and my phone won't recognize it's plugged into the computer, computer won't recognize phone as a disk drive, confused as to what to do next.

    Any suggestions are very appreciated!:) Thank you

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Try another computer/cable, transfer using bluetooth or wifi or use dropbox.

    Obviously the wireless methods won't be as fast but will work. Astro file manager allows transferring of files wirelessly. Alternatively you can move the pictures to your sd card and plug into your computer via a card reader.
    I use google plus to have every pic i take automatically uploaded to a private folder also.
  3. incrediblekity

    incrediblekity New Member

    Thank you.
    This is the cable that came with my phone but I could try a different computer.
    Bluetooth took way too long for 1000 pictures I have tried.
    I tried to upload them to picasa, but they all just said "queued" for a day so I ended the upload.
    Also, I can't find a quick easy way to put them all on the SD card, because then I could remove the SD card and use that to put the photos on my computer
  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    There's been a surprising number of users with your same issue on mac. Mac are usually easy with Android phones (no drivers required). You may want to see if there is a "htc sync" program for mac.
    Another recent user only could get his phone recognized on another computer (mac/pc), using the same cable.
  5. Alisuuhn

    Alisuuhn New Member

    What works for me with my Macbook is installing the phone as a disk drive and usually iPhoto will just pop up with all of the pictures from my phone. If it doesn't, I'll open iPhoto and click on the drive that is on the side and upload the photos that way.

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