Help Tried to install MiUi and now '' boot screen

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  1. gnomeo

    gnomeo New Member

    I just installed the Miui for my motorola triumph and now i'm stuck on the boot screen. I've removed the battery and tried "power+up volume + down volume" and nothing works.
    Please help me :'(

  2. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Well-Known Member Developer

    if you can get into recovery mode, try reflashing. but with a "full wipe" this time... format /system and factory reset the phone before flashing.
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  3. gnomeo

    gnomeo New Member

    somehow, i was finally able to get into the cwm menu .... I had to take the battery out for 10 minutes and it worked.
    I'm going to ttry that now.
    Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to get MIUI up and running soon

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