Help turning a old tablet into a monitor

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  1. veund

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    Hello Everyone

    I have been looking all over then net for a solution to this problem

    I have a laptop running windows 8 and i found my old ZTE v9 wile cleaning up around the house the other day i had a thought why not turn it into a second display that i can carry around with me in my laptop bag remembering an article i read in APC magazine, so i had a look in the net and read up on a number of apps that can do this idisplay, Air display and so on.

    The only issue is that none of the ones i found Support windows 8 yet. so i was wondering if anyone knew of any other software that is compatible with windows 8 and android 2.3.7 that could help me out in this aspect.

    I don't actually need the tablet anymore because i have a Galaxy s2 that I'm more than happy using for all my portable needs. I'm just goint to use this tablet to play around with so i dont feel as tempted to play around with my S2, well as much anyway.

    regards Veund

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  3. veund

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    Yeah the programs that connect the windows and android os's together don't utilize that using the trial of iDisplay i was able to get it working in a windows XP vm over WiFi but not in windows 8 it just times out

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