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  1. dnAdroid

    dnAdroid Member

    Hi All, been coming here a long time, but first post. Hoping you fine folks can help me out a bit. I've searched a ton on the web, and this board and cannot find the answer.

    My wife's Nexus has just started playing a chimy sound on unlock. She does not remember turning this on, and my Nexus does not play it. We've both gone through settings/sound/unlock/etc. several times, however we can't find this setting. I'm probably dumb, so I apologize if this has been directly answered, or is a simple fix i'm not seeing.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    Well glad to see you posting. I know if you go to settings, sound and scroll to the bottom the is a check box that says "sound unlock " unchecked that and it should make no sounds when unlocking. Hope that's helpful
  3. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I've had two Nexus' (Nexi?). My first one played the 'click' when the closing animation played, my new one plays it 1-2 seconds after the animation. It's strangely annoying - almost like when you watch a movie and see that their lips and sounds don't match up. I've done a factory reset (for other reasons) and it didn't help at all.

    Any one else notice this?
  4. dnAdroid

    dnAdroid Member

    Thank you for the welcome, and for the response. apologies for taking so long to return to the board, had some login issues.

    Regardless, the setting is not in the area you describe in our phones. I go to sounds, and see only "Screen Lock Sound" which is the clicking noise, when locking the screen. My wife's phone plays a chime noise when unlocking only. Quite annoying. Anyone?
  5. dnAdroid

    dnAdroid Member

    bump cause i'm stuck!
  6. elmerjr128

    elmerjr128 Well-Known Member

    Has she downloaded any ringtone apps such as Zedge?
  7. dnAdroid

    dnAdroid Member

    That was my second though, no new apps... she told me today that the sound does override the music apps such as Pandora when she unlocks. I'm about to have her reset to factory...
  8. jbarhorst2

    jbarhorst2 Well-Known Member

    My wife's phone also makes that sound, but mine does not. It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out.
  9. transfat

    transfat New Member

    Try to turn off the NFC. My nexus do a chime sound in reaction to my paypass card when I unlock screen
  10. dnAdroid

    dnAdroid Member

    I can't believe that worked!! I don't get it at all, we do not have a paypass card. And the sound played when away from my phone. My phone has NFC enabled, but no sound. This makes no sense. But thank you x2!
  11. jbarhorst2

    jbarhorst2 Well-Known Member

    Your comment made me think further. Yes, NFC is turned on for both of our phones. But, my wife stashes a credit card inside her silicone case -- and yes -- it has a chip. That's what is doing it.
  12. transfat

    transfat New Member

    Case solved then ... glad I could help ;-)
  13. sammyguyana

    sammyguyana New Member

    Transfat, THANK YOU!!!

    I had torn my hair out for 6 weeks trying to figure out why that freakin sound was coming out of the phone. I did a factory reset, then rooted, then put on gummynex, removed all my apps. STILL THERE. couldn't figure it out. was about to return it to verizon.
    All my searches on all the big boards, came up dry.
    And today, your simple fix, did it. I have the sinjimoru case on the back of the phone, that holds my amex, and dlicense, and THAT was setting off the NFC.

    I joined this forum JUST TO SAY thanks.

    You rock.

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  14. wiseguyh

    wiseguyh New Member

    Two big thumbs up.
    I have been searching the web all day for this answer.
    I too have a paypass card near the NFC antenna. This did not cause this sound when I was on Stock ICS or Vicious JB 4.1.
    But I just moved to CM 10.1 and I got the sound. I tried ParanoidAndroid and got it too. I wonder if its kernel related.

    Anyway, thanks!!!!
  15. Athe0s

    Athe0s New Member

    Thank you very much, transfat. I logged in just to say thanks! Been wondering what that sound was.. Lol
  16. Dobocop

    Dobocop New Member

    Came here to say this. Thank you for saving me. ;)
  17. I also registered to say tanks. I had no idea that it was the Id card I placed inside my case that was making this sound. I even tot it was s voice cuz d tone sounded familiar. Whoever you are tanks alot. U saved me from factory resetting my phone.
  18. Squawtahoe

    Squawtahoe New Member

    Holy shoot I am so dam happy that worked I almost through my phone in the trash because that sound was driving me insane. Thank you so much

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