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  1. milik

    milik New Member

    I have a LG MS769 (LG L9) from MetroPCS.
    I already purchased an unlock code.
    I go to the hidden menu using 2945#*769# but when i click on "Network Unlock",
    instead of getting the box to enter my unlock code, i get a message that says "You're phone is not personalized".
    Pleaaase help! maybe someone knows a different way to enter my unlock code??
    any info would b appreciated.


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Have you put in the SIM you want to use? Either the phone isn't locked, or it'll ask you for the unlock code.
  3. maxolini

    maxolini New Member

    Best Answer
    That happened to me also, buy you ened to use thye SPC
    Service provider lock
    the conmpany i used gave me like 6 codes
    and SPC was the good one
    not the sim lock

    i got a metro pcs L9
    so i insterted a sim card
    and nothing was asked on the screen until i typed the code you have typed
    then i selected same option as you and i get the same message
    but SPC was the good one
    now i can use my tomobil service sim on the mtro pcs l9

    that one will do
    Service provider unlock... not Network unlock
  4. milik

    milik New Member

    yea...dats wut i figured.. i guess the company where i purchased my lock code only gave me the network unlock code. been asking them for the spc code but no response...guess i just gotta purchase from someone else or keep hounding em. thanks tho.
  5. maxolini

    maxolini New Member

    I used safeunlockcode
    not the cheapest they charged 14.99
    but gave me like 7 codes
    SIM PUK code included
    ( well i never locked the sim card )
    but if you password protect your SIM and fail like 3 times to unlock it
    they ask for the PUK
    and if you dont have it you are out of luck

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