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  1. whyteb0y

    whyteb0y Member

    I'd like to unlock my LG Thrill to use on a different GSM network. I've tried doing it without a SIM card, no luck, said "emergency calls only". Got a SIM card from a Straight Talk phone (non smartphone SIM card) tried, still no luck. Got the message "network unlock unsuccessful". Question is, what am I doing wrong?

    I have the unlock code from at&t and a working Straight Talk SIM card. Please help!

    Now the Straight Talk SIM card I was using isn't even recognized by my phone.

    Wow, 140+ views and no replies?

  2. whyteb0y

    whyteb0y Member

    Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated! :mad:
  3. whyteb0y

    whyteb0y Member

    Can someone just delete this? I give up. I've gotten NO help. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    Did you purchase the AT&T sim from Straight Talk? Or did you purchase the T
  5. whyteb0y

    whyteb0y Member

    I no longer have this phone. I traded it for an HTC Inspire.

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