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help upgrading from gingerbread to ICS

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  1. driger8642

    driger8642 Member

    So i have a SGS2 t989 on gingerbread and i decided to upgrade it to ICS using Samsung Kies but Kies was giving me problems like being stuck on Preparing the firmware components. So i decided to flash the ROM using odin onto the phone. So far only download links i found to download the firmware T989UVLH1_T989TMBLH1_TMB.zip were on hotfile and a minor link from filecloud. Those links don't seem to be working for me. Does anyone have another link form where i can download this ZIP file? if not can someone give me a solution for Samsung Kies being stuck at preparing the firmware components. Im on my desktop windows 7 64bit with a strong enough internet connection to download large files.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

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