Help us beat Siri (she don't shop) [BETA]

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  1. seliot

    seliot Member

    Yes, Siri is fun and she talks back to you. Very charming. But don't let her smooth, soothing bits seduce you. She's all flash and no substance when it comes to shopping.

    She can find local places to buy categories of things if you ask her, but she doesn't know anything about specific product info, where to buy them, what the best price is or when the price changes.

    Vlingo and SA teamed up to beat Siri in the shopping space. Test this beta and see if it works for you. You can give us feedback here in the forum or at More details in the download page.

    Download our beta .apk here: . Use it and see if it works for you.

  2. avolcoff

    avolcoff Member

  3. seliot

    seliot Member

    Ari - it works now. I had an uppercase/lowercase issue. Thanks for reporting this
  4. seliot

    seliot Member

    Problem reported by Ari now fixed.

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