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  1. hugojc

    hugojc New Member

    Hello im new to this site and im in need of immidiate help. I have a htc hd2 running on NAND Android HTC Desire stock rom. Works great but recently i wanted to upgrade to a newer rom called the jdms update i found. I have the right slp the right radio (576) ram, and the MAGLDR 1.11 bootloader. So in order to install this update i need to be on MAGLDR and go to USB flasher,,,,the problem is that my phone will not connect! wen i run the update it says USB error init something something something. Idk wat to do. I would appreciate any feedback. thanks guys!

  2. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    Please provide the exact error to make sure we can help you correctly.

    Sorry to say that "USB error init something something something" is less than helpful.


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