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  1. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    After reading other threads, I thought I should still post this. Some user couldn't understand why one would get excited about viruses...because they have been around forever. Well, the difference is that PC users have learned how to deal with them with virus protection, knowing what to look for, etc. The android operating systems is completely foreign to a non-techinical person. Also, after viewing the market for many hours, I have yet to see anything that says, 'you need to protect your tablet', so I guess one falls into a sense of security from that.

    Anyway, I installed a remote control app to connect my tablet to my other 2 pcs. It worked great... only today, when I attempted to access a site on my tablet, it kept redirecting me to some japanesse site (that also didn't exist). So I just went to my other 2 pcs... the same thing, only 1 of my pcs (with norton) alerted me to a block it just did of a malicious cookie with the same japanesse name.

    Since my 2 pcs are heavily guarded by virus protections, I can only asusme my tablet became infected and infected my other devices. Luckily, clearing the browser caches, etc. and a reboot of all 3 devices seemd to do the trick.

    So, my question is how does one protect a tablet from such things? Is remote control truly a safe practice??

  2. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Very very doubtful the tablet infected the PCs. UNLESS the remote control app you're using is the virus. Which app is it?

    It's also unlikely that a virus written for Android (Linux) would work on a Windows or Mac PC. And vice versa. They're completely different languages.

    But totally could see a bad webpage disrupting one or morecomputers..
  3. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member could've been a webpage, not sure. All I know is that all 3 devices had the issue. The website was my credit union and they said I was the only customer having such an issue. Everytime I attempted to connect to my credit union, I was redirected to this japanesse spot. Also, my home pc and work pc are not connected anyway... but my tablet is connected to both my home and work pc and all 3 had the issue. And the home pc is the one that blocked the malicious cookie malware so it couldn't have passed on the malware. Everything points to the tablet being infected first and infecting the others. And... this is the only time in the history (over 3 years) of owning my pcs that I have had such a problem. I've only owned my tablet for 6months. I was using phonemypc, which I love and am not blaming at all... but I am pretty sure the fact that all 3 devices being connected contributed to the fact that all 3 were infected at the same time with the same cookie thing. And it wasn't my credit union's website because I was the only customer calling with the issue.

    I just really want to know how to prevent it in the future and I want to continue using the remote control. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!! :)
  4. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I use Teamviewer to connect remotely to a computer from my tablet and I've never had an issue like this on my tablet or any of my computers.
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  5. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    Thanks, i just downloaded teamviewer and so far i like it. I'm not too crazy about having to use mouse pointer to do everything, but otherwise it seems easy to use. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    Splashtop is a better option and comes pre-installed on the Asus Transformer.
  7. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    That must be something new that they do, because it is not pre-installed on mine. But I found it on market fro 8.99. Based on the reviews, I might get it anyway.... for every negative review, the support team responded to help. I would pay just to get that kind of support. I will let you know how I like it after download.
  8. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    You have it. It's under "My Cloud" and then "my desktop"
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  9. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's definitely not new. I got mine on launch and it was installed. It was one of the features they showed on the review videos.
  10. Vegasbaby

    Vegasbaby Active Member

    Thanks, I found it. But phonemypc still seems easier. If splashtop can accomdate connecting to more than 1 pc, its hard to tell how. Phonemypc was much easier to set up.

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