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  1. buckie33

    buckie33 Member

    When you go to select your wallpaper and u can select the size big or small ect, well yesterday it was fine, my wallpaper was in full size on my screen but not it seems to be only centred in the centre of the screen, did I hit something?

    PLZ Help! :(

  2. h0odlam

    h0odlam Well-Known Member

    wallpaper plus. app is great and simple
  3. buckie33

    buckie33 Member

    I turned off the phone and then turned it back on, that seemed to a have fixed it. Not sure what the problem was, but oh well.
  4. optimus CV

    optimus CV New Member

    I want a gallery photo image duplicate for a wallpaper. Wallpaper always cuts it down. Do I need to modify on computer before downloading to phone? LG Optimus V... Also Voice mail icon(1) does not go away!

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