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Help! Want to DL apps, but out of country!

  1. bannedgod

    bannedgod New Member

    Im currently living in china. My buddy picked up a HTC G1 from canada, but cant access the market or anything like that. Is there a good site i can download apps from the computer and put it on the SD?

  2. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    The developers of some apps have websites where you can find them to download from. I don't know of any where you can find the whole collection in one spot, though. Google is your friend on this one. Just check the apps on Androlib.com. If something piques your interest, check the dev's website.
  3. peadar

    peadar Well-Known Member

    If you root your phone, you could install an app called "MarketEnabler" (search for it in google) that allows you to fake your location and therefore buy apps in the market.
  4. bannedgod

    bannedgod New Member

    What does rooting your phone do?

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