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    Apr 7, 2012
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    I cannot connect to wifi as it wouldnt turn on! Sorry if i ve started an old topic. But i ve been looking for the solution everywhere. it says my mac address is unavailable. Im not worried about the mac address, but when i try to turn on the wifi it doesnt turn on. In the wifi settings menu it shows "turning on wifi", but the process hangs there. I flashed my samsung galaxy s2 with official ics via odin. In the first few days it was alright and suddenly the problem has started. Please help me out.

    Galaxy s2 i9100

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    Hello Samin. Sorry to hear you are having problems. You will want to check into the root area for your S2 for the best support for your WIFI problem. Not knowing which phone/carrier you have I will provide a link to each area. Just click in on the link that is your phone/carrier. I hope you are able to resolve your problem with the help of these forums and it's friendly users.
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) - Android Forums (For T-Mobile)
    Samsung Epic 4G Touch - Android Forums (For Sprint)
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD - Android Forums

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