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help - will system apps restore with a factory reset?

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  1. DemKantor

    DemKantor Member

    oh boy, i recently got my first android and love it!
    but i wanted to play around with different things so i bought a HTC G-1
    running 1.6
    i have rooted it and installed titanium backup pro and some other apps
    using T.B. i uninstalled some bloatware (well some that werent)
    i found out google talk is necessary to download from the market

    when i try to reinstall it with T.B. it just hangs up for hours
    im afraid to do a factory backup to try to reinstall everything in case
    i loose what i have now and still can not download!

    please help!

  2. DemKantor

    DemKantor Member

    so if i uninstalled a system app (google talk) via
    titanium backup, can i do a factory reset and retrieve
    the app? or is it lost in the factory recovery?

    i tried to restore it through titanium backup and nothing?

    some one has to have had this problem:confused:
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums!

    It is my understanding that if you completely removed a system app. A full factory reset will not recover it. You will need to find a stock rom and reflash your phone.
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  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!! :)
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  5. DemKantor

    DemKantor Member

    bummer, thanks for the help - any ideas if i can load root explorer from
    a sd card and try to manually install the three lost system apps?

    and why wont titanium backup let me restore from it?
  6. DemKantor

    DemKantor Member

    well factory reset just made it real hard to get back the apps i have now... if anyone else has this problem --- find another way! root explorer would have worked i think but i only could find a samsung version of google talk, it didnt take.
    why does google make it so hard and not just have a link to it?

    oh well i guess i just need to try to flash a new rom because nothing else is working
  7. DemKantor

    DemKantor Member

    well in case anyone else is having these issues i found some roms come with all standard goolgle apps embedded while others dont. So before you go messing around do a nandroid backup and back up google apps!

    i did however find a few gapps (google apps) that i could flash over roms and this would give me some of the ones i was missing. but still ifind i can only use the roms that have most or all of the google apps with them

    if anyone needs links to the diffrent roms or google apps i can put them up, or if you get messages like (com.google.process.gapps) force close this seems to help some of that
  8. shakalery

    shakalery New Member

    I want to ask about support on recovering my files and apps on galaxy tab p300
    I restored it to factory mode after sysram failure
    Is their anyway of getting my apps and files back

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