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  1. tupique

    tupique Member

    This is a new problem for me.

    After successfully sorting out all the troubles of connecting SGS to KIES, and been using it happily for almost a month, now I'm facing another trouble which is quite big this time.

    Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit) are now can't recognize the phone when connected through the USB. Got a message says the USB Device/Hardware Is Not Recognized.

    I'm using the SGS original cable. The cable was working perfectly and now suddenly it doesn't work in data mode but still able to recharge the phone battery.

    Am I having a cable problem? Or worst, the USB connector (on the phone) problem? I tried to clean the USB connector on the phone but still can't connect the phone to my computers.

    Does anybody here having the same problem as well?

  2. Nithanth

    Nithanth Active Member

    Do you still have Kies installed? This usually happens when Windows can't find the drivers to the device. Try uninstalling Kies and reinstalling it, see if it helps.
  3. tupique

    tupique Member


    I did reinstall Kies but still Windows won't detect the device correctly.

    The USB icon also doesn't show up in SGS status bar. Is the USB connector going bad? After only a month of use!

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