Help with 1.6 update for Dream

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  1. CharlesR

    CharlesR Member

  2. CharlesR

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  3. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Just root the phone,other wise its gonna be crappy forever
  4. CharlesR

    CharlesR Member

    The link above was to root it, I was just asking if anyone knew if it was up to date or made before the 911 fix. It's description seems easy to follow, I would use the other guide but I'm afraid I'd end up bricking it.
  5. Owain

    Owain New Member

    I'm pretty sure these are the instructions I used to root my Dream:

    Guide on How to Root you HTC Dream to 2.1 | Android Headlines

    It was a long time ago, but that looks like the one. I'm not sure if all those files are still available or not. If not you might try looking through the G1 forums at XDA, there are probably better instructions there and newer ROMs etc.

    Good luck, and post back with what ROM you end up going with. I haven't played with my Dream in a while and it still has an old CM on it that I've been meaning to change to something else. The CM was slower on the Dream than on the Magic, but I miss the hardware keyboard.

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