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Help with a app i need made

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  1. alexandroidftw

    alexandroidftw New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 25, 2009
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    I currently own the site www.androidftw.com it is a android wallpaper site.
    I would like to creat a app that has these 3 tabs

    tab one:
    Grabs a simples text file from the internet

    tab two:
    reads a rss feed from me wordpress blog so thet can download the wallpapers or just reads a simple php file of my blog.

    tab three:
    simple about us page with YOURNAME* and YOURIMAGE*

    In return for your help i will post YOURNAME/SITE on the featured links on the site and footer and in the app when i release it you will be on the about us page as Helped/created by YOURNAME with the image of ur choice and your link

    If you are interested in helping me please email me at alex@androidftw.com or reply to this thread

    Alex Hamilton
    *name of the person who helped me


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