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Help With Acer Aspire One D255

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  1. rustyj

    rustyj New Member

    Hi There
    I am new to Android and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to upgrade Android 1.6 on my netbook,
    I just got it a few days ago and am sure android can do more for me.

    I have downloaded Froyo 2.2 in an ISO form but having problems putting it on a USB memory stick I am running Ubuntu and Windows Vista.

    I got it from: Downloads - android-x86 - Project Hosting on Google Code

    any idea's.


  2. rustyj

    rustyj New Member

    Has any one got any ideas where I can find 2.2 or 2.3 iso file??

  3. mnkyvndor

    mnkyvndor Member

    i just found what you are doing this morning... havent got it to run yet (havent tried) but if 1.6 will work im going to see what all i can find... just wanted to let you know you arent alone

    oh and there is a test build for 2.2 here http://www.android-x86.org/download
  4. starlitxeyes

    starlitxeyes New Member

    wireless will not work with this :( im still trying tho! LOL
  5. dongski20

    dongski20 New Member

    Can anyone help me because my acer aspire one cant load back to windows 7.. A month after i purchased it i installed windows 7 ultimate but suddenly the network adapter didn't work and so i took it to a laptop specialist and they fixed it correctly. After that i noticed that there's only 1 hdd left in my comp. And the android is missing so i did try to install it with android x86 after that i removed the flash drive (which the android is where is burned) i cannot load to windows anymore?? Any anoe can help me uninstall the android x86 and boot back (maybe install again the windows 7 ultimate) windows...

    Thanks in advance..
    You may email me at dongki20@yahoo.com.ph or call me @ 09236067428

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