Help with Admiral Beast ROM!

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  1. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    I followed instructions as i was supposed to but when i try to flash the zip file it says this:
    E:Cant open SD card/download/
    Installation aborted.
    SO,i cant install the rom and also i get stuck in the SCH-R720 screen.
    Obviously i can get to CWM and can access my SD card.
    Anything that would help me clear this problem? :D

  2. Stuck on bootscreen? Got anybackups ? If so try backing up. if no try this..
    [ACS] THE ODIN THREAD: Return to stock
    Download ODIN , the pre-rooted PDA and the .ops ( should come with ODIN) and boot into download mode. It should say in the first post of the thread, and how to remove that stuck on boot screen.
    Then redownload the rom from your computer(Make sure you removed the old one, put it on your sdcard etc etc.
    Boot into recovery, wipe your cache partition/dalvik cache (in advanced spot if you dont know where it is) Format your data and system (It should say so in the mounts and storage along there) Then install zip from sdcard, then look where you placed it and install it. It should work.
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  3. Also do not download the Stock PDA!! It has no 3g/ data and removes every app you have. just a warning.
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  4. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Just re download the ROM n flash again. the ROM might be corrupt due to a bad download
  5. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    I redownload the rom and it worked perfectly!
    Still I cant use dolphin hd
  6. your 3g is connected and it wont load a page? go to airplane mode until the airplace shows up on the notification bar. and uncheck the airplane mode the. should work..
  7. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    Exactly! when I open the browser it says that my proxy server is missing
    Anw,im going to try the airplane mode thing now and post my results ;)
  8. i mean go to airplane mode real quick and once the airplane icon comes on notification bar wait 5 secs then go back 2 normal
  9. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    Ok,it ddnt work.Im guessing its my carrier(Open Mobile)
  10. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    Most of the browsers I use says that I dont have a proxy server but I can get into internet with all of my apps including the market.

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