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Help with Android Market and Updating Old Apps

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  1. UserName775

    UserName775 New Member

    I have been browsing this site almost every day since I got my first Android phone a few weeks ago. Really helpful stuff here! Thanks!

    So here is my problem. I downloaded a bunch of Apps through Google Play. Then I deleted my google account and created a new one. Now all the Apps I downloaded don't show up in the "My Apps" tab, so I can't update them. I downloaded AppBrain which is hlpful because it shows what Apps need to be updated, but when I click the update link it just brings me to the Play Store where my choices are "Uninstall" or "Open". How can I update without having to re-install all my apps through the Play Store?? Is there anyway to sync the Apps on my phone to my new google account and the Play Store? I also tried TrackDog but that was unhelpfull as well. Any ideas on how to update my Apps??? Thanks!

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard. :)

    Just to make things clear, if you are using a different Google account on your device (other than the originally one you had all applications installed), then the previous installed apps won't show up in the "my apps" section inside the Play Store of the current account being used. So you won't be able to update them.

    You'd have to use the original account to get this done.
  3. UserName775

    UserName775 New Member

    Yeah, I figured that out, unfortunately the Google account most of my apps were downloaded from has been deleted. That's why I was hoping there was another way to migrate them or update them without reinstalling them under my new Google account.

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