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help with cdma workshop

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  1. xero4one

    xero4one New Member

    Galaxy Prevail on Boost, rooted and SU. Will connect to Cdma Workshop but will not read anything. Same thing with QPST, shows the phones com port but wont connect to the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

  2. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    there isnt much that can be done with cdma workshop, and nothing(that i know of) that can be done with qpst.

    cdma workshop can change the prl that is only thing I know of.:(
  3. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    You might be looking at the wrong com port. I cant remember at the moment but when I was playing with CDMA WS I was trying the wrong com port... then I looked in device manager again and came up with a different com port number.

    If I'm not mistaken you'll have two com port numbers. When I get to a windows machine I might be able to shed more light on it... good luck till then.
  4. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    I've played around with CDMA WORKSHOP quite a bit with the Prevail, and on my Windows 7 P.C. it always picks up on port 6.
    Optimus is right though, just about the only thing that we can use CDMA Workshop for is just for changing the PRL.
  5. PhoneMan93

    PhoneMan93 Well-Known Member

    How do you know which prl to use
  6. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    It takes a little Google detective work to find some good PRL zips for CDMA Workshop use, but an easier way is to look back through the forum and look for the thread titled (Do T-Mobile PRL'S work for Boost?) where I posted a few good links. There are a few other threads scattered about with PRL links also. However if you don't want to look back, just Google current Sprint PRL's. I'm currently using one of Sprint's buisness PRL's #1120 with Cyanogenmod, and I can't update. ONE WORD OF WARNING THOUGH, CDMA WORKSHOP IS DANGEROUS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!! YOU CAN POTENTIALLY EITHER HARD OR SOFT BRICK YOUR PHONE BY SELECTING THE WRONG SETTINGS EVENTHOUGH THE PREVAIL IS LEFT OUT OF MOST OF WORKSHOP'S GOODNESS. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!
  7. deleoncd4

    deleoncd4 Active Member

    What version of cdma are using???
  8. SpCowboy2842

    SpCowboy2842 Well-Known Member

    I was using 2.7 in the beginning , but wound up buying 3. something. I can't exactly remember which one considering I formatted my hard drive and just installed Ubuntu.
  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    I have used CDMA WS 2.7 for a bit and I can read most phones. The Prevail seems to be on lockdown though. Nothing reads on the phone or the phone stops responding if I'm trying to read NV items. I just wanted to get my AAA passwords etc. Just for kicks. The Prevail just doesn't respond.

    I also tried the demo version of CDMA WS that you can get online. I can read the information off other phones. But the Preavil? Nothing. Does not respond. I've changed the PRL a few times but never really get better reception so stopped bothering with it and just go with whatever Boost sends me. I've kinda given up trying to read the other things from the phone. But there's always hope...
  10. Aids10

    Aids10 Member

  11. Aids10

    Aids10 Member


    You need to be running a stock rooted rom (odin gingerbread image) to successfully program this puppy :D

    THX Kolosus! :beer:
  12. RTLflat

    RTLflat Well-Known Member

    Use dfs. Reads phone fine for me

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