Help with clockworkmod recovery and Flashign ICS

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  1. trickytrack

    trickytrack Member

    I rooted my phone and took backup of my firmware using Clockworkmod recovery. now i can press volume up while switching on and enter clockworkmod recovery page and select restore from their.

    Now i want to flash ICS on it. Iam going to flash Thailand ICS on it.
    So my doubt is that if i go wrong in flashing can i just restore using that clockworkmod Backup.
    In simple words question is that when i flash ICS will it erase clockworkmod
    or will it be always available

  2. lotsip81

    lotsip81 Well-Known Member

    If you flash a stock ICS would no longer have CWM. But all you would have to do is root the ICS firmware and you would have CWM back again.

    If you were to flash a custom ICS rom that is already rooted, then you would maintain CWM.

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