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  1. Daparo

    Daparo New Member

    Hello, I'm having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and have yet to find any solution from either my carrier (Tmobile) Or the Device manufacturer, Samsung.

    The Issue I'm having is with contact cards being received on the Galaxy S4 Via the Messaging application. Any contact card that I received from any device, even a contact that I send myself from the Galaxy S4 shows up as a Vcard with the following format.

    Begin: vcard

    Version: 2.1





    The list continues to go on with more information that is added to the specific contact card (Email address or pictures etc). I have no option to save this, when I click on save attachment, I get a pop up that says there is no attachment on the message.

    However when I send a contact to another mobile device(Galaxy note 2) the contact I've sent shows in my sent folder as it should with a click-able file that I'm able to open and save if I wish, and the other phone receives the contact card as it should.

    Does anyone have any idea what the issue is here? I have yet to find a solution to save any contact I receive over Messaging (txt/mms).

    Thank you

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi Daparo. I have yet to handle a S4 but here is something you might try. Long press the V-Card and see if you don't get an opting to save or forward etc. I hope this works for you.
  3. Daparo

    Daparo New Member

    Thanks for the advice olbriar, unfortunatly I already looked into this. The only solution I really found was using a 3rd party app (Handcent) and by using that I recieve the contact card correctly, So I'm thinking its the way the default messaging service is reading the message.
  4. Daparo

    Daparo New Member

    Just an update on the situation.

    Have been in contact with Samsung and T-mobile regarding the contact card issue. Samsung's level 2 technical support told me that it is an issue with the software and a re-image would fix this issue. Being as I just got this phone I just went back to T-Mobile to exchange the device for a new one. Instead of re-imagining the entire operating system. The issue still persists, and I am going through hoops just to get back to the Samsung advanced technical support. Every one of their reps makes me continuously describe the problem just so they will transfer me back to their level 2.

    Called T-mobile even though they previously told me it was a Samsung issue and got a hold of their advanced technical support and gave all the details on the situation so they can forward it to their engineering team.

    On my own front: I have narrowed the problem down to it being a error in the stock messaging software. The issue is non-existant when I tested with third party messaging applications.

    If anyone else is having the issue with any contact being sent to you (doesn't matter if you text it to your self from the same phone) please let me know. I've become very interested in the issue that the manufacturer and service provider won't admit.
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