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  1. HayleyMadison

    HayleyMadison Member

    If i set up my google account just to get free games but disable the syncing for gmail, will it use up all my data if i dont sync updates or anything?I only have the 200 mb data plan.. also will it use data whenever i play a game or use app? first time android user.. please help :)

  2. lava9611

    lava9611 Active Member

  3. nimbuscrenel

    nimbuscrenel Active Member

    Free games are often add supported and the ads will use up some data. I'd suggest using 3G Watchdog to monitor data usage and maybe JuiceDefender to shut off data at a certain threshold. I'm on a 150mb plan so I feel your pain, however it hasn't been that difficult to track my usage and stay under the cap. Good luck!
  4. ab30494

    ab30494 Well-Known Member

    im glad i don't have to worry about that.

    my 1st month isnt up yet, and i already used 1.8gbs of data.

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