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Help with deleted stock calendarSupport

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  1. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Sometime ago I was using Titanium backup and I removed the stock calendar. Please help me get it back, because not having my phone directly sync to google is becoming a hassle. I have a rooted Transform Ultra running stock rom gingerbread.

  2. katracho

    katracho Well-Known Member

    here u go calendar apk

    unzip it copy both files inside the folder and placed them in system/app
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  3. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Thanks for the files. I placed the 2 files in system/app as you said, however no luck. What am I doing wrong here?
  4. katracho

    katracho Well-Known Member

    Make sure those files have execute permission like this
    425755b4-1f97-5b44.jpg reboot .... if still doesnt work then boot into cwm wipe dalvik cache and fix permission and reboot

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