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  1. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    Just received the new Hero on Orange and found the forums. When I try to install HTC Sync on my PC I get an error message: "Error 1713. HTC Sync cannot install one of its required produts. Contact your technical support group."

    I have AVG Antivirus which is disabled by turning the resident shield off.

    Does anyone have any clues why Sync is not installing ?

    Many thanks

  2. nospamjl

    nospamjl Member

    I doubt that I'll know but you need to supply more info, e.g.

    Version of HTC Syn
    Type of Windows: 32/64 bit
    Version of Windows, e.g. Vista/Win7/XP
    Tried with Administrator user?
  3. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    I've tried both the software that was on the phone's SD card (1.5 ?) and what looks to be a newer version I found online. I get the same problem all the time so presumably it's some PC setting of mine ?

    64 bit
  4. I have so far managed to get HTC sync working on XP 32bit and in a virtual XP in windows 7, I have synced contacts and installed apps

    Installing google developers SDK pack in 7 gives you the driver but fails to start. android adb driver is the issue here as far as I can see there is no fix for it yet

    I am still messing around with the drivers for 7 if I have any luck ill post back
  5. robadub

    robadub Active Member

    is there a noobs guide to syncing anywhere ? i dont even know what it does to be honest !
  6. The HTC Sync software allows you to sync outlook contacts and calenders as well as install applications. ( for those people that have been using WM devices )

    The software should be on the SD card of your Hero, Mount the Card as a USB drive and intall the software in the HTC Sync folder, (for windows only) Does currently have some issue with Vista and 7 as stated before.

    Once installed reboot your pc and then plug your device in, launch the HTC sync software, plug your phone in, under the notifcations Tab on your phone choose sync HTC, you will then need to pair your phone, you can change the name of it at this point, similar to activesync. and away you go
  7. Install On windows XP

    1.Plug Phone into Computer via USB
    2.Under Notifications Mount as USB Drive
    3.Navigate to Storage Card\HTC Sync Tool_v2.0.2\HTCSync_v2.0.2 an run
    5.Open HTC sync, plug in your phone and follow the Wizard

    Installing on Windows Vista

    1- Plug Phone into Computer via USB
    2- Under Notifications Mount as USB Drive
    3- Navigate to Storage Card\HTC Sync Tool_v2.0.2\HTCSync_v2.0.2 an run
    4- Should not need to reboot on Vista unless you have UAC on.
    5- Open HTC sync, plug in your phone and follow the Wizard
    6- People having issues with Vista may want to follow the 7 fix

    Installing on Windows 7 (untested as away from home but should fix the issue)

    1- Navigate to c:\program files
    2- Create this directory structure underneath \HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x86\
    3- Unzip the uploaded zip file to that folder
    4- Plug Phone into Computer via USB
    5- Under Notifications Mount as USB Drive
    6- Navigate to Storage Card\HTC Sync Tool_v2.0.2\HTCSync_v2.0.2 an run
    7- Reboot
    8- Open HTC sync, plug in your phone and follow the Wizard
  8. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I've managed to install HTC Sync on a netbook which I presume is a 32 bit machine but of course all the info to sync is on my PC ! So it's a 32/64 issue and we just have to wait ?
  9. blackisle

    blackisle New Member

    have had the same issue with HTC sync on XP SP3, have installed then dis-mounted the SD and rebooted.
    No HTC sync detection with USB Debug enabled or disabled, the drivers are installed as you can see the device appear when you plug/unplug the USB.
    Have forced the phone side sync application to start be enabling "network sharing" (which works fine) then turning it off - this launches the Sync application on the phone and the Mount SD notification but HTC sync on the PC refuses to see the phone.
    Have updated to HTC Sync 2.0.4 (from 2.0.2) with no change.

    **** Rebooted the phone and now the sync is working, unfortunately it treats exchange and outlook contacts as different things so now have double the contact in my phone :(
  10. NiceCupOfTea

    NiceCupOfTea Well-Known Member

    I've just had a right hassle getting HTC Sync working. I'm running XP Pro SP3.

    In the end had to reboot the PC and the phone, and even then it wouldn't work for the first 5 minutes or so after the phone reboot.

    This is with the most recent version of HTC Sync from the website.

    I have to say that HTC have a bit of work to do to sort out these problems if they want to take on the iPhone. I'm also suffering from the weather widget not being able to display weather at the current location, and I'm reading that some other people are not getting all their texts. I really want to like this phone, I hope it all gets fixed in this upcoming update...

    Edit: I thought it was sorted but now it won't allow me to sync Outlook, only Outlook Express!
  11. hutie1983

    hutie1983 Member

    i have the same experience. i remember i had solved it out, but i forget now.[​IMG]
  12. NiceCupOfTea

    NiceCupOfTea Well-Known Member

    outlook had crashed and left a process running in the background - killed it and it worked fine :)
  13. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any ideas on the error 1713 problem and how I might install htc sync. I've tried the latest version, it does the same ... gets most of the way then shows the error box.

  14. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    I already posted and got lots of help about this syncing problem about 10 days ago.
    In the end I managed to sync and tether internet connection with no problems on Vista machines, managed to do the same on one XPsp3 32b machine and only to move files from phone to PC and viceversa on my XP sp3 also 32b netbook (MSI Wind).
    Remember always that if you want to sync and tether you don't have to mount the mem. card and if you want to transfer files you must mount the card but you cant sync at the same time.
  15. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    The problem is that HTC Sync won't install on my PC. My PC recognises the phone but I can't get the actual Sync software onto my PC sadly. It loads on my girlfriends laptop but of course my info is on my PC and for some reason my old Sony Sync wouldn't load on her laptop - it's a bit more than frustrating ...
  16. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    I know all about it.
    As I told you it installed just fine on one of my XP machine and not on the other one.
    I invite you again to check the previous threads on this subject where quite a few fixes and tricks are listed to force XPsp3 systems to play nice with HTC's software.
    The trouble is in the drivers software, which is one of the two programs that you install on the PC with the MySync package: you can't reinstall MySync until you have erased it totally from your registry and that's not easy task.
    But before despairing try out some of the tricks listed in the previous threads on the subject, they often work and they are pretty simple .
    Good luck.
  17. htchero

    htchero Member

    I was unable to connect my Hero to the HTC Sync manager, but finally I made it :)

    Here's what to do (On a Vista 32-bit computer):

    1. On your phone go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and turn USB Debugging ON.

    2. Turn OFF your Hero and OPEN HTC Sync on your computer.

    3. Connect USB cable to computer AND THEN to your phone.

    4. Turn ON your phone again.

    5. Now you should see a sync icon aside of the USB icon on your Hero's status bar. Pull the notificatin bar down and click on the sync icon and follow the steps in the HTC sync manager on your computer.

    I hope this would be at any help for Vista users and perhaps XP users too.
  18. ldn-j

    ldn-j Well-Known Member

    I have looked in the forums but can't see anything relevant about registry entries to clean. Please assume I'm stupid and point me in the right direction as I still get the 1713 error so can't even install HTC Sync on my PC and therefore can't install the update

  19. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    I confirm that HTCHero system works on vista 32bits systems , when I can't get synced at first try.
    Should even Htchero's system fail to properly connect and snc your Hero and your Vista 32 bits machine , you can switch off your telephone keeping it connected to the PC and to the open program, and then switch it on again.
    Even if it has never been necessary for me (fingers crossed) , I have heard of people who switched the connected Hero 2 or 3 times before being able to sync
  20. xantr1x

    xantr1x New Member

    I can't sync my phone with the pc and it is driving me insane. I have got the latest version of sync which has been installed and uninstalled numerous times including installing and uninstalling the drive. I am running vista. I get the error "unable to find HTC sync on your pc....." when I try to sync from the phone on the drop down menu. I am beggining to wish I had got an iphone.....
  21. quantumpeep

    quantumpeep New Member

    Hi ldn-j just wondered if you managed to fix the problem as i have the same issue I can not get the htc sync software on my pc xp 64bit my error is 1722
    There is a problem with this windows installer package A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.
    Contact your support personnel or package vendor action CA_driver install, location\....\MSI15DA.temp,comand
    turned off all anti virus programs first emailed HTC but no reply as yet there are intereting HTC install log files in the TEMP folder though of which I have sent to HTC tech support let me know if you manage to get it installed cheers
  22. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    Belive me dude: if everyone else (maybe after swearing a bit) can sync your very same phone on your very same sytem, sooner or later you will manage too.
    Remember that before reinstalling HTC Sync you must uninstall the previous one AND properly clean up your registry of al files it will inevitably have left back.
    C'm on, I'm sure you can do it too.;)
  23. Jubaka

    Jubaka New Member

    I also have the same problem with installing hTC Sync on Win XP 32bit.
    Every time I try to install whatever version of Sync I get this awkward Error 1713 message!
    I digged around the system and from what I see the problem seems to be with the InstallShield version of the Sync setup file. The process is looking for a file ISScript.msi which in that case should be version 12 (InastallShield ver.12) but this file is nowhere to be found in the extracted folder in Temp.
    I've checked the setup log and it always crashes when trying to load the ISScript.msi.
    On my PC there are plenty of IS versions up to 11.5, but no 12. And the InstallShield support site says that this version is quite different from all the previous ones. There is no easy way to upgrade.
    Problem is, that this file should be embedded with the Sync setup package but in reality it isn't.
    Now checking other solutions and will post if anything turns out successful.
  24. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Posting this as my Vista experience is zero and I'm hoping somebody else can assist Brad.

    We've confirmed that HTC Sync is correctly installed, the device drivers ditto (handset is correctly ID'd in Device Manager) and the USB connection is detected (Hero was powered up whilst connected and "Connection Wizard" popped up and requested user to (re)name device. However HTC Sync still shows "Disconnected" in the bottom-right corner and selecting "HTC Sync" from the notification bar results in nada except "Disconnected".
  25. Brad

    Brad Active Member


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