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  1. rok1

    rok1 New Member

    hi everyone,

    trying to build my first app from instructions

    started a new android project..went thrugh the screens..
    and then one of the screen read :(header) install dependencies
    and the body of the msg was :
    the template depends on the android support library,which is either not installed or depends on a more recent version....
    requiers version :8
    installed version :not installed
    i hit install
    a window pops up with version 9

    i tried the link provided and the eclipse help files
    checked the list of installes in the sdk mgr
    every thing is there

    i cant post a picture at this time as a new user

    any suggestions?
    thank you

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to Dev 101.

    To answer your question, you need to also install the Android Support Library from the SDK manager. It's at the very bottom of the list of things you can install.
  3. ElliotC25

    ElliotC25 New Member

    I think you are having the same problem I had, try running SDK manager as administrator.

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