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  1. lawm106

    lawm106 Member

    hi ive got a samsung galaxy ace and it keeps saying internal memory full, ive got a 16gb card in with only 6gb used. ive gone into task manager but theres nothing else i can move to the sd card.what else could be taking up the internal memory other then apps?? thanks

  2. iffy01

    iffy01 Member

    i hav same problem
  3. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    app's cache is taking up the space
  4. lawm106

    lawm106 Member

    ok and how would i delete that or sort it?
  5. judith123

    judith123 New Member

    GO to manage applications and within each app you have the option to "clear cache".

    I didn't want to root my phone but I find the best way to free up a reasonable amount of space is to "uninstall updates" on those preinstalled apps that cannot be moved onto the sd card e.g maps and gmail. For all they don't seem that big, I can usually free up about 20mb that way. Trouble is they reinstall automatically every so often - so if anyone can tell me how to stop that? I keep thinking I have then it happens again. And I suppose if you use maps then its not necessarily the best solution!
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Uncheck update automatically in play store, goto my apps, select the app and uncheck the option.
    The only app you cannot stop from updating itself is the play store. But that can also be stopped if you have root.

    There are many cache cleaning apps in the market, you can use those. Cache won't get you much space, apps don't have much cache to make much difference.
  7. vienneaur

    vienneaur Member

    I haven't checked the actual figure but I suspect the internal memory is no more than 1 GB if not less. I read somewhere it's 158 MB
  8. Powie21

    Powie21 Active Member

    The Galaxy Ace memory size is 158 MB which is pitifully low.
    This should not be confused with SD card size.
    Most apps cannot be moved to SD and even those that can still leave a portion of their data in the phones memory.

    Memory full messages are a common issue on the Galaxy Ace and the subject of many posts on this and other forums.
  9. Ian Lambert

    Ian Lambert New Member

    Samsung Galaxy Ace Internal Memory Problems - I, like so many others, found that after 2 months I had Internal memory running low messages. I have very few applications other than those originally provided, I had cleared all the cache, messages, history etc. but still my internal memory was down to 16 MB. Then I noticed that when you go to Settings - Applications - Memory Usage that right at the top my Email (NOT G-Mail) registered at an extremely large Data - 75 MB!!! I had no locked or saved messages, so it became obvious it was hanging onto previous unwanted data.
    I deleted it and voila I had 90 MB of Internal Memory back. WARNING: You have to reset up your e-mail account so take a note of your account settings before you delete. I don't really use G-Mail but suspect that a similar thing may occur with that because ALL the Google Apps - Playstore, Books etc. all take bits of memory you could well do without them doing!! Hope that this might help somebody somewhere OR if someone knows how to stop it happening in the first place - TELL US!
  10. wibbly

    wibbly Well-Known Member

    Google Play Books won't stop auto-installing on my daughter's phone and taking up precious memory. I don't want this app on my phone. Any idea how to stop it installing?

    I already have manual updates set, and all my other apps allow me to manually install/update them.
  11. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Try uninstalling the play books app from the play store itself
  12. wibbly

    wibbly Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Also going to try removing the book that was purchased. Maybe that's triging the app download in order to support the book?
  13. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    If the book requires the use of app then it could be, i have never bought any book so i don't exactly know that.
    If the book is in the sd card in a common pdf or .docx format then it shouldn't have any need of the app.
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